School of Domestic and International Economy of Tourism

The hospitality industry is the sector with the strongest evolution globally, and for the year 2025 estimates show that 1 in 10 jobs will be in tourism. For almost 30 years, the School of Domestic and International Economy of Tourism has been matching theoretical and practical aspects of the hospitality industry with the aim of providing the highest education level to our undergraduates, so that they may function successfully on any international market.

Potec Camelia,
Potec Camelia,Graduate of the School of Domestic and International Tourism Economics, class of 2004
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[…] I would first of all like to express my gratitude to all the professors, mentors and people who have been near me during those years. We have thus learned how important education is in our adult lives and that the education process should never be interrupted. […]
Popescu Clara Călina,
Popescu Clara Călina,Graduate of the School of Domestic and International Tourism Economics, 2nd year (2020-2021)
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Starting with my first year as a student I had the great surprise of coming across a highly enjoyable environment. I was also eager to learn about the tourism industry, which made me decide to pursue the same path for my Master’s degree, as well. The best choice I made was not to limit my activity and simply participate in classes. Besides, my professors encouraged me to make a good use of my time to explore the numerous opportunities that RAU had to offer. As I wanted to expand beyond my comfort zone, I decided to volunteer within RAU Students’ Club (CS-URA) and the largest student union in the country. This environment gave me a variety of challenges that I had never met before and helped me develop and constantly excel myself. […]
Roșu Teodora,
Roșu Teodora,Master Student of the School of Domestic and International Tourism Economics, 1st year (2020-2021)
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The Romanian-American University was my best choice with regard to bachelor and master studies. First of all, RAU elite teachers and those of its partner universities from abroad offered me the opportunity to develop a set ok knowledge extremely useful in my professional life, and not only. Secondly, because of the continuous support offered by the university with regard to my personal and professional development, I had the chance to be an Erasmus+ student in Japan and be able to work in one of the biggest corporations in the world. […]
Alexandrescu Albert,
Alexandrescu Albert,Graduate of the School of Domestic and International Tourism Economics, class of 1996
Owner and CEO Europoint
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I had the chance in 1991 to go to the School of Domestic and International Tourism Economics and in 1996 to be among the first graduates. I say chance because we were lucky enough to be taught by the best professors of the moment, teachers who knew how to instill and teach us, not only specialized knowledge, but to teach us how to learn and educate us for life! [...]
Baranyi Alexandra,
Baranyi Alexandra,Graduate of The School of Domestic and International Tourism Economics, class of 2018
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The Romanian-American University was and is a second home for me. The five years I spent here as a student, first in the bachelor’s degree program of the School of Domestic and International Tourism Economics, and later in the master’s degree program in International Affairs within the School of Domestic and International Business, Banking and Finance, represented a huge advancement in the career I have built since then. Studying the Japanese language and the art of origami since I was little, the Romanian-Japanese Studies Center “Angela Hondru”, within RAU, proved to be the ideal place for me. In addition to working with prestigious artists and improving my Japanese language skills, I had many opportunities such as an internship program at the Laguna Garden Hotel in Okinawa and an Erasmus+ scholarship at Ritsumeikan University in Osaka. […]
Boghiciu Cosmin-Nicușor,
Boghiciu Cosmin-Nicușor,Graduate of the School of Domestic and International Tourism Economics, Class of 2019
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[…] To me specifically the student life at RAU helped me develop both personally and professionally. Romanian-American University provided me the opportunity to go to the United States of America by means of Work&Travel program, to become familiar with another country’s culture and people’s perceptions and the opportunity to interact with the people there. The RAU professors know how to keep their students close to them and to provide assistance so that they can solve the problems they run across. Romanian-American University has offered courses with foreign professors that I have also attended. This is a great experience from the university. Participating in these classes one can learn new things and also be awarded a diploma that fills your heart with joy. […]
Tudorache Dragoș,
Tudorache Dragoș,Graduate of the School of Domestic and International Tourism Economics, class of 2001
General Manager - Hotel Iaki, Mamaia
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[...] Since its foundation, URA has become a recognized center for the training of specialists in economics, management, marketing, European studies, management informatics, financial-banking relations and tourism. Our university and its founder, Professor Ion Smedescu, have committed admirably to combine teaching, research and community involvement in innovative projects that have gained national recognition in all these fields. We have always been proud of the competence of our teachers and I want to thank them for being our mentors, not just teachers. [...]
Roșca Marius,
Roșca Marius,Graduate of the School of Domestic and International Tourism Economics, Class of 2018
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[…] It was an excellent environment for professional and human development, and I had a group of dedicated, passionate, and enthgusiastic professors. I recommend this University to all those students who are interested in professional guidance and thorough training!
Petrescu Antonia-Elena,
Petrescu Antonia-Elena,Graduate of the School of Domestic and International Tourism Economics, Class of 2018
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To me, Romanian-American University has been exactly like a family who helped me in my professional and personal development. […] I am proud to be a part of the first generation of students who benefitted from studies without being required to pay fees. […] I am extremely happy that I have experienced this with RAU, and that our tutors have proven their passion and commitment to us, their students, who have become friends for a lifetime. Of course, this wouldn’t have been possible without a highly dedicated and engaging team behind this process, a team that I am thankful to. […] During the 1st semester in the second year as a Master’s student, I was able to receive an Erasmus+ grant, an experience that I highly recommend to everyone! I went to Chambery (France) at the ”Savoy Mont Blanc” University and I studied Hotel Management. It was great to be in an international environment and to be in contact with students from all over the world. But for this experience from RAU, I wouldn’t have been able to adjust so well. […]
Aldea Cristina,
Aldea Cristina,Graduate of the School of Domestic and International Tourism Economics, class of 1998
Group Department Manager - Christian Tour
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I remember with a great nostalgia the years of college and I did not forget that there I formed as a specialist in the field of tourism, an area in which I have been active since the first years of my studies.
Staicu Roxana,
Staicu Roxana,Graduate of the School of Domestic and International Tourism Economics, class of 1999
General Manager - Hotel International Sinaia
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In my 20 years in the Horeca industry I have gone through all the stages starting from the receptionist (7 years), event organizer, Sales Assistant, Assistant Manager, Hotel Director, currently coming to the position of General Manager at the Sinaia International Hotel. [...]
Buru Dan,
Buru Dan,Graduate of the School of Domestic and International Tourism Economics, class of 2002
Cruise Director (Celestyal Cruises)
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It has already been 19 years since with great emotions I was part of the first generation of students who took the bachelor's exam at the Romanian-American University. [...] like any other, I remember with great pleasure my student years within the ETII School, the university activities, the inherent troubles of the student life, of colleagues, of teachers, of the university building that has been built year after year, even before our eyes. The knowledge I gained then took me literally across the seas and countries, opened new horizons, developed my visions, but mostly instilled my confidence in myself and positive thinking [...].
Al Masri Mhmud,
Al Masri Mhmud,International master student from Lebanon at the School of Domestic and International Tourism Economics, 2nd year (2019-2020)
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Joining the “Business Management in Tourism & Aviation” (BMTA) master program at the Romanian-American University was a long journey with many developments. Aviation is the field that gives me the possibility to achieve the impossible.
Aldeker Mhd Oubada,
Aldeker Mhd Oubada,International master student from Siria at the School of Domestic and International Economy of Tourism, 2nd
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When it’s about education you have to choose the best, that’s why I am at the Romanian-American University. Aviation is the path of the future and in the BMTA master program I’m on the right path to achieve the successful future.

Starting with their first year of study, undergraduates and graduates are provided with maximum and active support from the school management when looking for a job commensurate with the skills acquired under the academic curriculum followed during the two cycles of training – Bachelor and Master studies.

BACHELOR programs

The major Economy of trade, tourism and services prepares undergraduates through specialty disciplines such as: tourism economy, hotel technologies, the management of tourism human resources, the technique of tourism operations, tourist transports, catering and restaurant management, information systems and information applications in tourism, ecotourism and rural tourism, tourist resources and destinations, hotel design, entertainment and agreement etc.


The integrated program of ongoing professional development and academic research offer graduates multiple opportunities of employment in fields of activity such as:

  • operational tourism management;
  • tourism consulting and logistics;
  • catering and quality management in the hospitality industry;
  • counselling in economic accounting, the economy of environment, general economy;
  • the technique of tourism operations;
  • trade and marketing expertise;
  • analysis and prognosis in tourism and environment;
  • marketing/PR;
  • rural tourism and agro tourism;
  • resort, mountain and sea tourism;
  • transportation companies;
  • non-governmental organizations;
  • e-ticketing and informational systems in tourism;
  • business and event tourism.


MASTER programs

The following Master programs are organized within the School of Domestic and International Economy of Tourism:

  • Master program in Romanian – Tourism Business Administration – with further opportunities of developing a career in hotels, restaurants, catering companies, travel agencies, ecotourism, rural tourism, agro tourism, health care departments, transportation companies, conference and reunion centers, environment protection etc.
  • Master program in English – Business Management in Tourism and Aviation – which focuses on the development of specific and multidisciplinary competences, but also cognitive and practical skills, considering the need of professional training in tourism and air transportation. The program is targeted at both young people from Romania, but also at foreigners who wish to study this field in a modern university in the heart of a European capital.


The School of Domestic and International Economy of Tourism is directly involved with the ATC RAU, Authorized IATA Training Center of the Romanian-American University, which offers programs covering the fields of tourism and aviation.


The Romanian-American University has been the first university in Romania to receive an IATA certification as an authorized Training Center in 2011.


This accreditation ensures the University the right to organize and run the courses of the Foundation for Travel and Tourism and travel and Tourism Consultant. The permit was granted based on the proven instructive expertise and the general ability of the institution to provide high quality training.

Decan: Lect.univ.dr. Ștefan-Alexandru Ionescu

  • Arii de competență profesională:
    • Analiza Multidimensională a Datelor, Analiza Riscului, Big Data în Turism, Machine Learning; Inteligență Artificială, Automatizarea Deciziilor, Rețele Neuronale.
    • Membru al asociațiilor profesionale: Societatea Română de Econometrie, Asociația Profesioniștilor de Turism din România, Asociația pentru Calitatea Serviciilor – ACS, Comitetul Român al Distribuției.
    • Experiență antreprenorială privind consultanța în domeniile statistică, previziune, inteligență artificială, consultanță în management, precum și activități comerciale, activități de import-export și activități privind transporturile internaționale.
  • Contact:


Prodecan: Prof.univ.dr. Cezar Mihălcescu

  • Arii de competență profesională: Promovarea Produselor şi serviciilor turistice pe Internet- E-Tourism, Proiectarea Sistemelor informatice, Tehnologia aplicaţiilor Office, Comerţ Electronic, Baze de Date.
  • Arii de competență managerială: Prodecan al Facultăţii de Economia Turismului Intern şi Internaţional, Membru în Senatul Universității Româno-Americane, din decembrie 2006.
  • Contact: