Erasmus Studies and Placements

Useful documents:

Through the ERASMUS+ program, students have the opportunity to go on a practice placement of minimum 3 months, at one of our university partner companies, in the European Union. The following opportunities are offered:

  • Financial support, based on a non-refundable financing
  • The opportunity to attend a training program at a company or institution from the European Union
  • Cultural, linguistic and pedagogical training, as part of the program;
  • Logistic support for the organization of the mobility;
  • Tutoring during the mobility program;
  • Recognition of the training program through the registration of the reference elements in the personalized Diploma Supplement.

Why become an Erasmus student?

  • You can benefit from training programs in European companies!
  • You can try cultural and linguistic diversity!
  • You have the opportunity to see great places!
  • You can make new friends from all over Europe!
  • You will have great memories!
  • You can prepare for a global society!