School of European Economic Studies

The School of European Economic Studies was set up in 2000 under the name Studies of the European Economic Integration, being the youngest school at the time within the Romanian-American University. The School was renamed in 2008.

The implications of a future adjusted to the requirements, components and aspects connected with European business define the initiative for education which is constantly adapted to a European economic framework through the setup of the School of European Economic Studies.

Through the ongoing harmonization with the highest educational standards of European and American universities, our School aims to offer its undergraduates an environment compliant with the requirements of the business environment and public institutions, creating partnerships, offering modernization and ongoing training, building up the premises of a capital that starts with us.

The study of the integration phenomenon is presented through lectures held by the teaching staff of the Romanian-American University and by specialists who are directly involved in the process of economic integration of Romania in the European Union.

Burcea Cristiana Mihaela,
Burcea Cristiana Mihaela, Student of the School of European Economic Studies, 2nd year (2020-2021)
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[…]The Romanian-American University is different, because here you can be more than a student. The career opportunities and those for personal development appear everywhere, research resources are varied and numerous, while events are extremely attractive. I am really glad that I met kind professors, eager to support us, as well as friendly colleagues with whom I have spent some of the most important moments of our development as adults. In short, I met a family, whose members give us wings towards a better future and who are offering us the bases towards a career of success.
Crişu Alexandru-Marian,
Crişu Alexandru-Marian, Graduate of the School of European Economic Studies, class of 2013
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The Romanian-American University became my second home along the five years while I studied Economy and International Business and I volunteered at the Department of Asian Studies […]. It was, for sure, one of the best periods in my life, a time filled with learning experiences, of human and professional development, a period when I had the luck and honor to meet wonderful people, colleagues and professors […]. All I have learned at RAU, during my studies and during the extracurricular activities, helped me accomplish my dreams, which at one point I couldn’t believe could become reality. To visit Japan, to study and live there, then to work in a field that I love, in the most appropriate environment, together with passionate people, all these became reality because of the Romanian American University and its people. […]
Păduraru Simona,
Păduraru Simona, Graduate of the School of European Economic Studies, class of 2008
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I believe that my graduate degree facilitated my integration into the labor market primarily through the themes addressed during the courses of the four years of study and through the subjects studied. Another extremely important factor for me was the international exposure that I received – Grant Leonardo da Vinci in the UK – and which helped me to adapt to an extremely demanding work environment. It was a very useful experience that gave me the chance to develop professional and personal skills and that laid the foundations for my career. [...] In my four years of RAU I learned a lot of interesting things and met distinguished people from both colleagues and teachers. Thus I gained self-confidence and the desire for becoming a professional. [...]


Our School is the starting point for an advanced career, training expert economists in international relations, in the field of European economic integration in the central or local administration, economic analysts on issues of the European Union, as well as specialists in its structures, but also operators in domestic and international financial transactions.

* Operates until the end of September 2022. Starting with 1st of October 2022 (academic year 2022-2023), the respective bachelor and master programs will continue to be carried out under the auspices of other schools.

Bachelor programs:

  • Economie și Afaceri Internaționale (EAI)* – 3 years, full time studies


Master programs:

  • Relații Economice Europene (REE) – 2 years, full time studies
  • International Economic Relations & Economic Diplomacy (IERED)* – exclusively in English, 2 years, full time studies

* starting with 1st of October 2022 (academic year 2022-2023), the program will continue to be carried out under the auspices of the School of International Business

Dean: Professor Căruțașu George, Ph.D. Habil.

Contact: [email protected]

Head of department: Associate Professors Mariana Sorlescu, PhD

  • She graduates the School of General Economy of the Academy of Economic Studies in Bucharest in 1997; she has tenure at the School of Domestic and International Business, Banking and Finance within the Romanian-American University. She became a doctor in Economy in 2006.
  • Her fields of interest in teaching and research are: micro- and macro-economy, sustainable development, international economic policies, world economy.
  • Contact: [email protected]


The Department of Trade, Economic Integration and Business Administration contributes to the teaching and research activity conducted at every study program related to the fields of Economy and business and Business administration in tourism.

The department organizes the activities of the teaching and research staff in compliance with the managerial plan, contributes to the drafting and implementation of syllabi, drafts the job title lists in collaboration with the Department Council according to the legal provisions.