Microsoft Center

Romanian-American University, together with its traditional partner MICROSOFT CORPORATION, have founded the Microsoft Center, at the headquarters of our campus. The first steps towards the foundation of the Innovation Center at the School of Computer Science for Business Management within the Romanian-American University were made on the occasion of the RAU participation at Microsoft Academic Days, November 16-18th, 2007, when the program “Education Alliance” was presented.
Due to the support of our partners from Microsoft, we were able to attend the opening of the Microsoft Center on January 30th 2008, the first implementation of this concept in Romania.
Through this approach, the School of Computer Science for Business Management, with bachelor and master programs in the respective fields, both in Romanian and English, reaccredited by ARACIS, with regard to quality standards, aims at:

  • Creating a connection between academic learning and professional abilities from the real world, in order to help students, have IT abilities, required by today’s labor market;
  • Offering a technological cadre at world level, in order to help students, acquire work abilities with relevant top-notch technologies and supply on-line learning resources, on the Microsoft platform;
  • Organizing courses, workshops, laboratories and seminars, according to the international standards of the academic education; 
  • Direct involvement of the employers in the practical activity of the students.


The Microsoft Center at the Romanian-American University represents a performing environment where students have the opportunity to work in the field of Business Application and offers great opportunities for the increase of the quality of the educational process, in the field of IT.
On the opening of the Microsoft Center at the Romanian-American University, the first laboratory of this kind in Romania, important people attended: Zoltan Szomogy – State Secretary at the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, Silviu Hotaran – General Director at Microsoft Romania, prof. Ion Smedescu Phd. – Rector of the Romanian-American University, academic staff, students and representatives of important companies, in the field of IT.
At world level, in 2008, there were about 110 centers, similar to this one, unfolding their activity in 60 countries, thus Romania becoming a member of these elites, through the Romanian-American University. The contract of collaboration was signed officially by the two parties, Romanian-American University and Microsoft, regarding the development of this first Microsoft Center, in Romania, with the aim of producing an increase in students’ competencies in the field of business application and a stronger collaboration with the IT business environment.