Academic Departments


Head of department: Cristina Coculescu, Ph.D. Habil. Associate Professor

Contact: [email protected]

The Department of IT, Statistics and Mathematics within the School of Computer Science for Business Management coordinates the IT activity of all departments within the Romanian-American University, with the aim of developing and strengthening the department position in the internal and external institutional framework, as well as ensuring a work and collaboration environment based on trust, respect and dignity, that would stimulate performance in the teaching and research activity.

The staff carries out the scientific research activity in the fields of the disciplines contained in the curricula of the Bachelor and Master academic syllabi, in compliance with the expertise area and with the own scientific interests.

Likewise, the teaching staff focuses particularly on initiating undergraduates and Master students in the activity of scientific research, which is conducted within scientific circles organized on fields of Bachelor and Master Studies. The undergraduates and Master students’ research papers are presented at scientific events organized during Sessions of Student Scientific Circles.

Increasing the quality of the teaching staff is a constant concern of the department management, and assessment follows criteria, methodologies and instruments of regular evaluation of the staff, targeted at the teaching activity, the results of the scientific research and involvement with specific activities carried out within the department, school and university.  

Head of department: Andreea Budacia, Ph.D. Associate Professor


  • Fields of professional competence: Commercial management; Quality management; The management of supplies and sale; Promotional techniques.
  • Fields of management competence: team spirit, communication, organizational competence; chair person and member in various committees, member in editorial committees of scientific publications, coordinator of research teams.
  • Contact: [email protected]


The economic and social environment is constantly subject to changes triggered by the current realities which involve ongoing adjustments of employers, the human resource, managers, leaders and marketers. In this context, knowledge and innovation are essential elements of success and performance in business. Awareness of priority fields – management and marketing respectively – provides a significant competitive advantage which is essential in reaching excellence.

Through the disciplines it coordinates, the Department of Management-Marketing contributes to the improvement of the acumen and competences of Bachelor and Master graduates in order to reflect the challenges of the business environment in the current context of fierce competition, uncertainty and consumer expectations.

Main objectives:

  • to develop and enhance the teaching and research activity in the two fields of activity;
  • to tailor the structure of the curricula and the discipline sheets to the requirements of direct and indirect beneficiaries for the disciplines organized by the department;
  • to create the appropriate organizational climate meant to encourage the teaching and research potential of the department members;
  • to ensure the quality of teaching and research processes;
  •  to identify, support and promote modern teaching-learning methods, instruments and techniques adjusted to the current economic and social realities.


The department activities are carried out by a competent staff, consisting of professionals of domestic and international acclaim, as well as collaborators and partners from the business environment.

Fields of expertise:

  • Management: Strategic management, Human resources management, The management of supplies and sale, The management of change and innovation, Production management, Ecotechnologies, Entrepreneurial management, Organizational behavior, Comparative management, Commercial management, Managerial methods and techniques, Tourist resources and destinations, Project management.
  • Marketing: Marketing policies and strategies, Service marketing, Online marketing, Financial-banking marketing, Consumer behavior, Integrated marketing communication, International marketing, Market research, Communication and PR, Promotional techniques, Strategic marketing, Marketing planning, Marketing and commodity, Event marketing, Selling techniques.

Head of Department: Ciprian Raul Romițan Ph.D. Lecturer

  • Fields of professional competence: lawyer (since 2002), founding member and vice-president of the Scientific Association for Copyright Law (since 2004); member of the Romanian Lawyers Union  (since 2005); member of the Romanian Association for Criminal Sciences (since 2006); member of the Romanian Association of Criminalists (since 2017); member of the ”Association Littéraire et Artistique Internationale” (France, since 2021); founding member and vice-president of the ALAI Romania Association (2021). He is the author of 24 books (12 as author and 12 as co-author) in the legal field, author of 79 studies and articles published in scientific journals in Romania, the United States and France, indexed in recognized international databases or prestigious in the field of legal sciences, as well as author of 17 studies published in collective volumes and in the volumes of domestic and international conferences or seminars. In 2006 he was awarded the prize of the “Law” magazine of the Romanian Lawyers Union, for the work “Criminal protection of copyright”, and in 2018, the collective work, “Romanian Legal Encyclopaedia” was awarded the prize “Andrei Rădulescu” by the Romanian Lawyers Union.
  • Fields of management competence: Performs the management and operative leadership of the Department; coordinates the didactic and research activity of the Department; responsible for the curricula, the job descriptions, the quality and financial management of the Department.

Head of department: Mariana Sorlescu, Ph.D. Associate Professor

  • She graduates the School of General Economy of the Academy of Economic Studies in Bucharest in 1997; she has tenure at the School of Domestic and International Business, Banking and Finance within the Romanian-American University. She became a doctor in Economy in 2006.
  • Her fields of interest in teaching and research are: micro- and macro-economy, sustainable development, international economic policies, world economy.
  • Contact: [email protected]


The Department of Trade, Economic Integration and Business Administration contributes to the teaching and research activity conducted at every study program related to the fields of Economy and business and Business administration in tourism.

The department organizes the activities of the teaching and research staff in compliance with the managerial plan, contributes to the drafting and implementation of syllabi, drafts the job title lists in collaboration with the Department Council according to the legal provisions.

Head of department: Olga Potecea, Ph.D. Associate Professor


The activities of the Department of Finance, Credit and Accounting follow the strategic directions of the University contained in the strategic plan of institutional development, as well as of those of the other schools.

The objective of the department is to strengthen its position and increase its visibility through its staff, the study programs it runs and its undergraduates/Master students both during the teaching-learning activity, and those of scientific research.

The department organizes consulting committees comprising employers, specialists in the field and department members in order to synchronize the content of syllabi and the related disciplines with the requirements of the labor market. The modernization of the information sharing process through computer-assisted teaching technologies and increasing the participative and stimulating component of the teaching act through interactive lectures are a priority of the department.

Head of department: Elena Amelia Stan, Ph.D. Associate Professor

  • Fields of professional competence:
    • Swimming and hydrokinesiotherapy, Theory and practice of water sports, Scientific fundamentals of sports games – basketball.
    • Swimming trainer, Chairperson of the Acvatica Sport Sports Club (Qualification of Swimming Coach and Qualification of Gymnastics Coach)
  • Fields of management competence:
    • to be in charge with the management and operative organization of the School Department
    • to be liable for the curricula, job title lists, research and quality management and the financial management of the Department
    • to present to the Department members a regular report on the condition thereof
  • Contact: [email protected]


The Department of Physical Education and Sport – Kinesiotherapy is an organizational and functional structure that aims to provide an interdisciplinary educational offer, with multiple interests in the fields of research and development, but also with the promotion of an education system in sync with the demands on the domestic and international labor market.

The teaching staff of this department wishes to create that competitive and dynamic environment that would encourage undergraduates to participate in specific activities in order to learn something new, with wide applicability in the active spending of their free time both during their studies and after their completion.

Head of department: Elena Mușeanu, Ph.D. Associate Professor

The Department of Foreign Languages, with the support of the university management, has initiated a series of collaborations with European and American universities in the field of excellence in language teaching and the mobility of students and teachers.

The department is in constant collaboration with the University of Cambridge and the British Council for the promotion within the university of courses and modern methods of learning and improving English language skills.

Currently within the Department of Foreign Languages ​​at the Romanian-American University, are several full-time and associate professors, PhD graduates, doctoral students or master’s graduates in English, Spanish, French and German work.

The teachers within the department have prepared and updated the textbooks for teaching English at the five faculties with economic profile and at one with legal profile within the university. Language teaching aids are continuously improved every academic year.

In support of students who want additional training in foreign languages, the Department of Foreign Languages ​​also provides paid intensive courses, for students within the university, as well as outside it, for the following languages:

  • English;
  • Spanish;
  • German;
  • French.

Intensive language courses are organized per knowledge levels and end with internationally recognized graduation certificates, in accordance with the standards of the European Framework of Reference for Languages.

Contact: [email protected]

Among its operating structures, the Romanian-American University has organized, as well, the Teaching Staff Training Department (TSTD).


The management of the TSTD is carried out, according to the Organization and Operation Regulations of TSTD, by the Department Council (interim), composed by:

  • Prof. Mihaela Prună, Ph.D. – Director/Coordinator
  • Prof. Doinița Ciocîrlan, Ph.D. – Member
  • Lecturer Robert Popescu, Ph.D. – Member


The documents substantiating the operation of TSTD are:


For its attendees, TSTD publishes educational offers regarding its programs:


Documents required for enrolment:

  • Enrolment form. As the case may be, download and fill in one of the following forms:
  • Birth certificate and marriage certificate (if the last name has been changed) – copies
  • ID/Passport – copies
  • Folder for documents