Training courses for the teaching staff

Among its operating structures, the Romanian-American University has organized, as well, the Teaching Staff Training Department (TSTD).


The management of the TSTD is carried out, according to the Organization and Operation Regulations of TSTD, by the Department Council (interim), composed by:

  • Prof. Mihaela Prună, Ph.D. – Director/Coordinator
  • Prof. Doinița Ciocîrlan, Ph.D. – Member
  • Lecturer Robert Popescu, Ph.D. – Member


The documents substantiating the operation of TSTD are:


For its attendees, TSTD publishes educational offers regarding its programs:


Documents required for enrolment:

  • Enrolment form. As the case may be, download and fill in one of the following forms:
  • Birth certificate and marriage certificate (if the last name has been changed) – copies
  • ID/Passport – copies
  • Folder for documents