Mission, vision and values


The mission of the Romanian-American University consists in education, teaching, scientific research and innovation, the cultivation of scientific values and of universal culture in general.

Through its mission, the university means to contribute to:

  • The promotion of excellence in education, scientific research, innovation and technological transfer, as well as of professional, moral and social responsibility and of creativity in the fields of competence;
  • The treasuring and promotion of values of national and universal culture and civilization
  • The defense of an academic democratic framework based on university autonomy and respect for the law, on the fundamental human rights and liberties in the state of law.


According to the Charta, the fulfilment of the mission of the Romanian-American University may be achieved through:

  • The formation of specialists with superior training in the fundamental fields of science in which the university organizes bachelor, master and doctoral studies programs, which are authorized or accredited according to the law;
  • The carrying out of specific fundamental scientific research and applicative activities, through the specialized departments, centers and research laboratories as well as other organization bodies;
  • Entrepreneurial activities which comprise consultancy programs, specialized assistance, business incubators etc.;
  • The affirmation of academic/didactic and scientific achievements of community members through participation in reunions, scientific events etc. organized at national and international levels;
  • ongoing learning through post-academic studies, trainings etc.;
  • professional formation through education programs carried out in Romanian or in widely used international languages and mobility programs, in agreement with the law.


  • In promoting a particularly strategic academic management, the Romanian-American University sets for itself as an objective its national and international recognition as an elite university.


  • The promotion of excellence;
  • Professional, moral and social responsibility;
  • Freedom of thought and speech;
  • Creativity and innovation;
  • Cooperation and communication.


Through the promotion of value in education, research and innovation, our university will lastingly consolidate its position at a national and international level, being a partner for the community which it is part of, placing at the center of its concerns life improvement and experience enhancement for the main beneficiaries of its activity: students, alumni, teaching staff and administrative personnel.


The main general strategic objectives which result from the mission, vision and values of the Romanian-American University are:


O.1. boosting national and international recognition for the quality of its educational and professional formation activities;

O.2. the support and consolidation of research-innovation activities and dissemination of results through measures adapted to individual and collective needs;

O.3. the development of value and partnership with students, alumni, teaching staff and administrative personnel and with other partners and components of the academic community;

O.4. the consolidation of the partnership with representatives of the economic-social environment, employers and other components of society;

O.5. increase of the degree of internationalization of the university on the academic and administrative layers;

O.6. increase of the quality and effectiveness of academic processes in relation with various categories of relevant public from the internal and external environments;

O.7. the development of entrepreneurial culture and sustainable university vision.