Continued training and education

We are an innovative, ethical and successful competitor in the training services market. We promote a culture of lifelong learning, contributing to maximizing the performance of each individual and organization by providing training services focused on harmonizing individual needs for personal and professional development with the requirements of the employment market. We select, maintain and develop a team of professional trainers whose expertise critically contributes to the quality of the professional training services offered.


We focus on providing competent human resources on the employment market, both through their initial quality training, through the education system, until entering the employment market, and by capitalizing on the potential of each individual through employment and continuous training, respectively by ensuring opportunities of professional development, updating knowledge, improving skills, in order to cope with social, economic, political, cultural, scientific and technological dynamics.


By promoting excellence in education and research, we aim to contribute to strengthening the role of education and professional training within the “knowledge triangle – education-research-innovation”, an essential step for acquiring the knowledge, skills and competences relevant to the employment market, in a world that will provide more jobs in exchange for greater adaptability.


Please find details related to the courses offered (taught in Romanian), here!