Dorm Administration

For the students coming from outside Bucharest, the Romanian-American University provides a very modern hostel, furnished with the latest and most efficient facilities, to ensure the best conditions for study.

During each academic year the Romanian-American University provides accommodation for its BA and MA students on campus, inside our hostel, as well as in several partner locations.

Rooms: 150 rooms for 3 and 4 people.

Room facilities: Each room has its own bathroom. Rooms are equipped with furniture for three or four persons: wardrobe, shelf, nightstand, desk and chairs. The tenant receives a set of bed linen, pillow and blanket.


Room rates:

  • Three-bed rooms: 110 €/ person/ month
  • Four-bed rooms: 100 €/ person/ month
  • Security deposit: 480 RON/ Year, for inventory items, amount which is returned at the end of the contract.

Students have the possibility to equip the room on their own, bearing an additional cost, generated by the consumption of electricity.

  • Refrigerator, microwave oven, etc. – 25 RON/ month/ appliance
  • TV, radio, PC, laptop, etc. – 5 RON/ month/ device

Internet access:

  • Wireless: free of charge
  • Cable:15€/ port/ month (optional)

Means of transport:

Bus 105, 780, 148, 149, 261, 304, 330, 449

Tram 41, 42


Romanian – American University, A Building (Hostel)

1B Expoziției Avenue, sector 1, Bucharest, 012101


Cătălin SAMOILĂ, hostel director

Telephone: +4-0744-539.001

The students of the Romanian-American University who live in the campus hostel (1B Expozitiei Avenue) can benefit from permanent internet connection, with unlimited traffic for a monthly fee approved by the Senate of the university, payable in RON, at the National Bank of Romania exchange rate valid on the day of payment.


Subscribers of this service will benefit from the following facilities:

  • Internet connection via gigabyte channel with a minimum 1 GB guaranteed by the provider – the width of the band shared by the subscribers, below which the connection does not decrease. Most of the time, the width of the band allocated to the group of users in the hostel will be superior to this limit.
  • Metropolitan connection (Romania)through a minimum 1 GB channel, guaranteed by the internet provider – this is the width of the band shared by the subscribers, but it is the minimum guaranteed, under which the connection will not decrease, the width of the band allocated to the group of users in the hostel will be superior to this limit.



  • Internet connection on the campus assumes ensuring the physical connection to the UTP port on the site, the other equipment necessary for the connection – on the beneficiary’s location – is exclusively his/her responsibility (e.g. network cable starting from the dedicated socket, the network card of the computer to be connected to the internet, etc.);
  • The subscriber should respect the architecture of the connection, according to the standards of the Romanian – American University (ethernet 10/100/1000 Mbps, automatic assignment of the IP and DNS to the dedicated server);
  • In case of disconnection of the client due to non-compliance with contract obligations, the reconnection will be made in maximum 48 working hours from the moment the causes of the interruption are remedied.


Location is available ONLY for access in the university campus. For the student form the university campus hostel, the status of the internet connection is available by accessing this link. For further details related to the internet connection, please contact the IT Department – B Building, 5th Floor, Room 521.