Administrative Offices

The Romanian-American University relies on the Department for International Relations to manage its’ collaboration with partners all over the world.

Due to our evolution from the beginning to the present and also based on the management programs implemented at institutional level, the Romanian-American University offers a great importance to the internationalization of its activities, by actively promoting the already existing partnerships and permanently opening new links with the educational and business environments, especially from Europe and the United States of America.

Under the auspices of the Department for International Relations there are two distinct entities, with specific activities and objectives:


European Programs Office – ERASMUS+

Students and staff from the Romanian-American University, as well as from the partner Universities, can benefit from international mobility experiences through the Erasmus+ Programme and EEA grants, with the possibility of financial support!


Ms. Lavinia STĂNICĂ – Erasmus+ Institutional Coordinator

Telefon: +4 0372.120.115

Email: [email protected]

Location: RAU Campus, C building, 3rd floor, office 306


American Programs Office

Due to the American Programs Office, the RAU BA and MA students can attend each semester at courses, workshops and trainings, held by prestigious professors from partner universities from Europe, USA, Asia and more.

The Office also organizes annually SUMMER SCHOOLS and provides BA and MA students with access to scholarships to prestigious universities in the United States of America.


Ms. Despina BĂRBIERU

Tel: +4 0372.120.121

Email: [email protected]

Location: RAU Campus, C building, 3rd floor, office 305

More details on the dedicated website

Asian Studies Department was founded in 2011, as a result of the need to ensure a better understanding of the Asian business environment.

Our department offers, not only to our students, but also to students outside our institution, the opportunity to improve knowledge about this part of the world, as well as the possibility to attend classes and conferences with the main focus on Asian language, culture and economy.

Within the Department, there are 4 centers:

  • Romanian – Korean Studies Center
  • “Angela Hondru” Romanian-Japanese Studies Center
  • Romanian – Chinese Studies Center 
  • Romanian – Azeri Studies Center


Complete details on the dedicated webpage.


Head of Department: Șerban Georgescu

Telephone: +4-0372.120.185

Email: [email protected]

Location: RAU Campus, B building, 3rd Floor, Room 322

Specific objectives

  • The Communication and PR Office within the Romanian-American University, among other specific activities, ensures the internal and external communication related to the activities, projects and events organized / hosted by the University, using specific tools: the University website (articles), Social Media accounts, institutional email addresses, instant messages, etc.


Online social communication platform: 


Official page in Romanian

Official page in English (dedicated to international students)

– Official groups of discussions and information of undergraduates, Master students and graduates:

*BA and MA students, as well as and RAU graduates are kindly asked to hit Join only for the

general group and the group of their current or graduated School.

  1. INSTAGRAM – official RAU profile [ RO ]
  2. LINKEDIN – official educational RAU page [ RO ]
  3. YOUTUBE – official RAU channel [ RO ]
  4. TIK TOK – official RAU channel [ RO ]



Andreea ALECU – Director

Phone: +4 0372.120.183

Email: [email protected]  |   [email protected]

Location: RAU Campus, building C, 3rd floor, office 303


The Quality Department is a functional structure of the quality management system, which has the role of implementing the strategy and policies for the ongoing improvement of the quality of teaching, learning, assessment, research processes and professional services through an efficient system of integration of all the efforts made by the University Senate, schools/academic departments/research centers, teaching staff, undergraduates, Master students and administrative service for the common goal of reaching quality goals.

The Department answers to the institutional quality assurance committee, is organized and operates under its own regulation approved by the University Senate, according to the law.


Dan DORU – Director

Phone: +4 0372.120.193

Email: [email protected]

Location: RAU Campus, building C, 2nd floor, office 203


The functional structure of the Romanian-American University also comprises an Information Technology and Communication Department.

The members of this service ensure the operation of an extended IT&C infrastructure, which consists of a multitude of elements:

  • maintaining, supervising and developing a computer network with several hundreds of interconnected stations, according to functional needs;
  • optic fiber Internet connection;
  • access and traffic management, both within the intranet network and through Internet connection;
  • maintaining and upgrading the hardware infrastructure of IT labs within the University;
  • installing, configuring and maintaining the software applications used in the teaching process;
  • maintaining and developing the hardware infrastructure of the University administrative services;
  • developing and designing promotional and informative materials on the University activity;
  • maintaining and running the multimedia means in the teaching areas;
  • ensuring constant technical support regarding the use of the hardware equipment and software applications for all the functional services of the University;
  • maintaining, running and constantly developing the phone communication network;
  • technical expertise and counselling in the case of IT equipment procurements;
  • designing, editing and using photo-video materials on events and activities within the University;
  • developing and using the own software applications for the settlement and automatization of tasks connected with the various functional services of the University;
  • installing, maintaining and developing the security systems used in the University campus.


Gabriel NEGRICEA – Manager
Email: [email protected]
Location: RAU Campus, building B – 5th floor, office 521

The Financial and Human Resources Department, which consists of the following: the Financial-Accounting Division, the Cashier and the Human Resources Division, is coordinated by the Economic Manager and operated under its own regulation approved by the University Senate, in compliance with the legal provisions and the specific procedures necessary for a judicious management and use of the financial and human resources of the University.


Elena RĂDULESCU – Manager of the Financial and Human Resources Department

Email:  [email protected]  |  [email protected]  

Location: RAU Campus, building C, 4th floor, office 408



By promoting excellence in education and research, we set to contribute to the strengthening of the educational role and professional training within the “knowledge triangle – education – research – innovation”, which is an essential step in the acquisition of the acumen, abilities and competences relevant for the labor market, in a world that will provide more jobs in exchange for a more significant ability to adjust.

Details related to the available courses and programs are available online here.


Alina AVRIGEANU – Manager
Roxana MIREA – Secretary
Telefon: +4 0372.120.111
Email: [email protected] | [email protected]
Location: RAU Campus, C building, 4th floor, office 410

The Department of Part-Time Studies ensures the coordination and organization, as well as methodological and technical support at the University level and in collaboration with the academic structures (schools, departments), for all activities regarding the part-time study programs.

The Department of
Part-Time Studies aims to strengthen the University’s position on the professional training market, by initiating, developing and managing part-time study programs, in accordance with the specific standards and legal and internal regulations in force.

You can find more details related to the
part-time study programs here (RO).


Alina AVRIGEANU – Manager
Roxana MIREA – Secretary
Telefon: +4 0372.120.111
Email: [email protected] | [email protected]
Location: RAU Campus, C building, 4th floor, office 409

The Research Department is organized and operated under its own regulation, coordinates and ensures the high-quality performance of the activity of research teams in the University and drafts an annual scientific research report accompanied by corrective or improvement measures, as applicable.


More details on the research activity within the Romanian-American University are available in the main menu, under “Research”.

The University Library assists undergraduates and Master students in obtaining direct information through data classification on fields of study. The library has allowed undergraduates to be informed in all fields of interest of the University, as the volumes and specialty publications cover fully the range of disciplines studied under all majors.


More details on the dedicated page.

The Academic Records Office releases the BA/MA diplomas (accompanied by the diploma supplement) obtained by the Romanian-American University graduates.

More details on the dedicated webpage.