American Studies Center

Since the establishment of the Romanian-American University, the ties with the American Universities have been extremely strong, including the implementation of educational programs, the adaption of the curriculum, the involvement of American professors in the University’s management, exchanges of teachers and students, creating summer schools etc.

Partnerships with numerous Universities from the USA have been established, and also from North America, generally speaking. Subsequently, these partnerships have been extended to Central and South America.

The American Studies Center (ASC) aims to become the main promoter of the relations with America by sustaining the strengthening of our collaborations within the academic environment: the development of mobilities for students, professors and academic staff, the organization of summer schools, double degree studies programs, and attracting new students from this specific geographical area. All of these are part of our Center’s goals and the book in the middle of the ASC logo symbolizes all of these priorities.

The Center also aims to develop relations with the business environment, both with representatives of the American businesses in Romania and companies with a pronounced global dimension. The circle that frames the book in our logo conveys this integrated vision to the business environment, along with the academic one.

We invite you to discover the ASC events and activities, on our dedicated website.