School of
Computer Science for Business Management

The School of Computer Science for Business Management provides its graduates with theoretical and practical specialty knowledge in compliance with the current requirements of the field “Computer Science for Economy”, thus facilitating their integration in software companies.

School of
Finance and Accounting

The School of European Economic Studies was set up in 2000 under the name Studies of the European Economic Integration and renamed in 2008. The implications of a future adjusted to the requirements, components and aspects connected with European business define the initiative for education which is constantly adapted to a European economic framework through the setup of the School of European Economic Studies.

School of
International Business

The School of Domestic and International Business, Banking and Finance is, due to the number of study programs, the most complex within the Romanian-American University. The School was set up in 1991.

School of

The School of Management-Marketing was set up within the Romanian-American University in 1991. The idea of setting up a school with this profile belonged to Professor Ion Smedescu, PhD., founder of the Romanian-American University. The school profile comprises two economic specialties: management and marketing.

School of
Tourism and Hospitality Management

The hospitality industry is the sector with the strongest evolution globally, and for the year 2025 estimates show that 1 in 10 jobs will be in tourism. For almost 30 years, the School has been matching theoretical and practical aspects of the hospitality industry with the aim of providing the highest education level to our students.


School of

The Law School, set up as part of the Romanian-American University in 1991, provides a 4-year Bachelor study program (both full and part time studies), which end in a law degree, preparing future specialists in legal professions (both theoreticians and practitioners), but also researchers of academic staff. At the same time, it also organizes the annual Master study program Criminal Sciences, one of the most highly appraised master study program in Romania.

School of
Physical Education, Sport and Kinesiotherapy

The School of Physical Education, Sport and Kinesiotherapy became part of the Romanian-American University in the academic year 2017-2018, with two Bachelor fields in its structure: “Physical education and sport” and “Kinesiotherapy and special motricity”.

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