Președinte Fondator

“The Romanian-American University is everything to me in terms of home, family, career, and leisure time. In this institution of education and science, I find myself and my decades-long work, my soul living for posterity, my thoughts anew for the rebirth of the idea of work.”


The Romanian-American University is an integral part of the Romanian-American Foundation for the Promotion of Education and Culture, aiming to promote the educational values of American and European higher education against the background of the rich traditions of the internationally recognized Romanian education.

In the context of university reform and Romania’s accession process to the European Union, the introduction of the European dimension, curriculum compatibility, alignment with European standards, promotion of globally recognized academic performance criteria, inter-university cooperation, academic mobility, and the recognition of studies and diplomas constitute strategic objectives of the Romanian-American University.

The Romanian-American University considers it an honorable duty to respond to the requests of all those interested in perfecting their professional training and offers its support to those who decide to attend the courses of one of its six faculties and master’s programs.

We have taken significant steps that have allowed us to present a different type of educational offer in the educational services market by adopting a two-tier system: bachelor’s and master’s degrees.

I wish for all students and teaching staff to take pride in being part of the academic community of the Romanian-American University, and for our graduates to contribute, through integrity and professional competence, to increasing the prestige of our institution both nationally and internationally.”



Professor Ion SMEDESCU, Ph.D.
Founding President and
Rector of the Romanian-American University (1991 – 2008)