Alumni Association

Dear Graduates of the Romanian-American University,

We send you a good thought and we are convinced that now you fully enjoy your professional achievements. We hope that you will always remember fondly that the Romanian-American University and its professors once stood at the basis of these achievements.

Although more or less time has passed since graduating from college, the University still considers you a part of it. Therefore, through this section, we intend to create and develop a permanent relationship with you, our graduates.

We would like to know what you do, what positions you hold, how you were welcomed and appreciated in the institutions where you currently work. This way we will be able to establish a mutually advantageous relational axis: University-Graduate, but also Graduate-University. Your professional experience, which you will be kind enough to share with us, can now be of great help to us or, why not, to other graduate colleagues of yours. We would like to know to what extent the disciplines you have studied in college facilitated the confrontation between theory and practice. Here, at the Romanian-American University, the educational system is in full process of modernization and harmonization with the new European and international requirements, and your opinions could contribute to the introduction of the disciplines required by the current labour market. In turn, the University, through its professors and students, can continue to provide you with the support you need on the path to the “Next Normal”.

Let's develop together the Romanian-American University ALUMNI ASSOCIATION!

Do not forget that in everything you do you represent the Romanian-American University, and we are convinced that this representation is done as well as possible.