Rector’s Message

On behalf of the Romanian-American University community, I am honored to greet you: Welcome! Through its student-oriented and, overall, society-oriented study programs and academic activities, our university contributes to the promotion of excellence in education, scientific research and innovation, and to the promotion of professional, moral and social responsibility. We, at the Romanian-American University, place at the center of all our endeavors the needs of the students, graduates, training staff and administrative personnel, as well as those of our partners, meaning the people who, through not only their demanding attitude, but also work and dedication, have contributed and go on contributing to the preservation of our identity, to keeping the flame of the academic spirit that drives us alight. Our University exists and obtains excellence only through and for the people. By joint and ongoing performance of all the members of the academic community, the Romanian-American University preserves and benefits from its good name, being one of the most respected private universities in Romania and a trustworthy partner for countless international universities, business communities and local and international organizations. What the university is today and our vision for the future rely on the efforts, energy and know-how of the founders of our school, who wished for the Romanian-American University to rightfully take its place as a first-rank institution in the Romanian society; not only in words, but also factually, the fulfilment of this desideratum depending on the partnership, joint efforts and value of the students, alumni and teaching staff of our university. We, at the Romanian-American University, consider that embracing such values as freedom of thought and speech, truth, transparency, cooperation, solidarity and partnership represents a landmark for the success of our individual and collective actions in the face of the most profound transformations known to humankind. Education forms people, forges destinies and makes the values of humanity endure. Our whole academic endeavor is centered on providing for students exceptional educational experiences which are integrative for the capitalization of their potential for a future career and the development of character. In our modern campus, students from over 40 countries make up a multicultural community anchored on the path of personal and professional development, in the middle of incessant exploration of knowledge. The never-ending concern with the adaptation of curricular content to breakthroughs in the field and to employer requirements, the performance of extra-curricular activities, integrative entrepreneurial approaches, partnerships with international universities, semester-taught courses by international professors, partnerships with the business environment, support for volunteering, for internships and the development of entrepreneurial skills, ongoing preoccupation with the creation of opportunities and with expanding the knowledge horizons through integrative experiences are guiding lines followed by our university in the process of building a lasting value system. Human beings gain moral and reasoning autonomy through education and knowledge. Education is the most valuable endowment of people, which accompanies and animates them throughout their lifetime. In the context of the challenges raised by social change, the University has the role of developing the human spirit which provides meaning for a nation. It is my belief that the answers to the questions related to the evolution and the future of humanity may be easily identified through awareness of and allegiance to the values of the human spirit. I thank all the members of the Romanian-American University community – students, graduates, teaching staff and administrative personnel – for their dedication and effort. With optimism and openness, I assure you of my intention for a real partnership, which aims at the continuation and development of successful projects together. I invite all the visitors of our website to get to know us better, to understand our values and to take part in the extraordinary achievements of the Romanian-American University community.

Best wishes,

COSTEL NEGRICEA, Ph.D. Habil. Professor Rector