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The School of Finance and Accounting at the Romanian-American University promotes an innovative and holistic approach to research and education, with the mission of training specialists to tackle the challenges posed by employment in companies operating in an increasingly technologized and digitized business environment. Through interactive and applied teaching activities, the School’s study programs provide opportunities for acquiring the skills and abilities necessary to build a solid foundation for a successful career in highly competitive and rewarding fields.

To ensure quality education centered on students, adaptability is the key to success in the academic development of each of us. Therefore, the School continuously reforms its educational offerings, considering current challenges and scientific-technological progress, constantly supporting the improvement of students’ experiences and the learning process.


Following the study programs of the School of Finance and Accounting, students:

  • benefit from the expertise of our academic staff in two challenging and interesting fields (Finance and Banking; Accounting and Management Informatics);
  • study the core areas of innovation in the financial sector, including the future of money and payments, financial technologies (including cryptocurrency assets), sustainability of finances at national and global levels, financial and management accounting;
  • develop a critical appreciation of qualitative and quantitative analysis tools specific to finance, banking, stock exchanges, and related fields, used in project and program justification;
  • gain an understanding of information systems, information processing for financial and/or tax reporting, strategy, and decision-making in the financial and accounting domain;
  • develop the ability to interpret obtained results, identify and evaluate opportunities and risks specific to financial, banking, and budgetary analysis using models, methods, techniques, and indicators;
  • have ample opportunities to integrate theory and practice and gain real-world experience in finance and accounting;
  • acquire academic knowledge tailored to the constantly evolving and transforming current job market;
  • have the ability to identify opportunities for continuous learning and efficient utilization of resources and learning techniques for personal development.
Burcea Cristiana Mihaela,
Burcea Cristiana Mihaela, 2020-2021
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[…]The Romanian-American University is different, because here you can be more than a student. The career opportunities and those for personal development appear everywhere, research resources are varied and numerous, while events are extremely attractive. I am really glad that I met kind professors, eager to support us, as well as friendly colleagues with whom I have spent some of the most important moments of our development as adults. In short, I met a family, whose members give us wings towards a better future and who are offering us the bases towards a career of success.
Crişu Alexandru-Marian,
Crişu Alexandru-Marian, Class of 2013
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The Romanian-American University became my second home along the five years while I studied Economy and International Business and I volunteered at the Department of Asian Studies […]. It was, for sure, one of the best periods in my life, a time filled with learning experiences, of human and professional development, a period when I had the luck and honor to meet wonderful people, colleagues and professors […]. All I have learned at RAU, during my studies and during the extracurricular activities, helped me accomplish my dreams, which at one point I couldn’t believe could become reality. To visit Japan, to study and live there, then to work in a field that I love, in the most appropriate environment, together with passionate people, all these became reality because of the Romanian American University and its people. […]
Păduraru Simona,
Păduraru Simona, Class of 2008
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I believe that my graduate degree facilitated my integration into the labor market primarily through the themes addressed during the courses of the four years of study and through the subjects studied. Another extremely important factor for me was the international exposure that I received – Grant Leonardo da Vinci in the UK – and which helped me to adapt to an extremely demanding work environment. It was a very useful experience that gave me the chance to develop professional and personal skills and that laid the foundations for my career. [...] In my four years of RAU I learned a lot of interesting things and met distinguished people from both colleagues and teachers. Thus I gained self-confidence and the desire for becoming a professional. [...]

The graduates of the School can build successful careers in various industries, as well as within companies in all fields of activity, having competencies for the following categories of positions:

  • financial auditor;
  • internal auditor;
  • investment analyst;
  • financial-banking analyst;
  • technology broker;
  • financial-tax consultant;
  • investment consultant;
  • securities placement consultant;
  • accounting expert;
  • financial-banking expert;
  • tax expert;
  • financial-banking inspector;
  • insurance inspector;
  • bank manager;
  • accounting manager;
  • financial risk manager;
  • bank officer (loans, marketing, banking products and services);
  • financial analysis specialist;
  • financial technology specialist;
  • risk control specialist.

BACHELOR programs:

  • Finance and Banking (FB) * – 3 years, IF / IFR
  • Accounting and Management Information Systems (CIG) * – 3 years, IF / IFR

MASTER programs:

  • Business Management and Audit (GAA) * – 2 years, IF
  • Finance (FIN) * – 2 years, IF (exclusively in English)



  • “Finance” – University of Siena, Italia (Study Guide – Download)

The master program “Business Management and Audit” was accredited in 2015 by the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (A.C.C.A.) and reaccredited in 2021 for another 5 years.

* organized under the aegis of the School of Domestic and International Business, Banking and Finance until the academic year 2021-2022, inclusive


Short description: He graduated from the School of of Domestic and International Business, Banking and Finance of the Romanian-American University of Bucharest in 2001. Master’s degree in Financial and Banking Management at the Romanian-American University. He holds a PhD in finance since 2011 (Bucharest University of Economic Studies).

Areas of professional competence: Banking management, banking products and services, international banking, investment efficiency, financial planning of companies’ activity, fiscal financial policies and practices, currency and monetary policies, budget and public treasury.

Areas of managerial competence: Increasing the visibility and prestige of the school; Optimization and efficiency of the academic structures; Analyzing and improving the quality of the educational process and study programs; Ensuring the sustainability of the university study programs.

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Departament Director: Potecea Olga, Ph.D. Associate Professor

The activities of the Department of Finance, Credit and Accounting follow the strategic directions of the University contained in the strategic plan of institutional development, as well as of those of the other schools.

The objective of the department is to strengthen its position and increase its visibility through its staff, the study programs it runs and its undergraduates/Master students both during the teaching-learning activity, and those of scientific research.

The department organizes consulting committees comprising employers, specialists in the field and department members in order to synchronize the content of syllabi and the related disciplines with the requirements of the labor market. The modernization of the information sharing process through computer-assisted teaching technologies and increasing the participative and stimulating component of the teaching act through interactive lectures are a priority of the department.

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