Group for Psycho-Emotional support and Self-Knowledge

In the current context of the health pandemic, we organize online meetings with our students in order to provide psycho-emotional support and self-knowledge.

During these monthly meetings:

  • we will approach topics related to the importance of balancing the energy of the power of thoughts, as well as emotional balance;
  • we will conduct self-knowledge exercises through verbal guidance and active emotional support and we will seek to identify the qualities of each individual;
  • questions will be asked and answers will be provided to reveal and, even more important, to balance our more fragile side.

The lectures and exercises will be given by Mr. Lect.univ.dr. Eugen Gabriel GARAIS, teacher at the Romanian-American University and Member of the Earth Association for Regression Therapy, with the support of the Center for Career Counseling and Guidance within RAU.

Useful information:

  • The human being is structured in at least 3 unanimously accepted bodies: the physical body, the emotional body and the mental body.
  • Reconnective regression deeply treats the psychological aspects of our structure with direct influences on our body.
  • Once the essence of each individual is identified and the focus is on his/her own knowledge, the entire structure of that person is restructured for his/her own benefit and that of the society, by placing that person correctly in the group he/she belongs to, as a structural balance of his/her being.
  • The addition in psychological therapies of the latest discoveries in the field of quantum physics explains and brings us closer to our essence as beings, and thus the characteristic of individuality and purpose of each of us becomes an element within reach of any seeker of self-realization and self-discovery.