Presentation of student life

A. Partnerships between professors and students 

The university is engaged in a partnership between the teaching staff and students, in order to ensure a participative educational process, by paying attention to the performance of a high quality educational process; at the same time, the University is also interested in shaping the behavior of its students.

The University rector is constantly interested in promoting the students’ involvement in the academic life and in ensuring a customized educational experience. The purpose is to create the maximum synergy between the quality of the programs, the professionalism of the academic staff, the exceptional material resources and the effort of each and every student.

The students of the Romanian-American University are genuine dialogue partners, with representatives in the University Senate, School Councils and the Students’ Council, where they express their opinions and requests, connected with the educational process and their student life. Tapping into the experience of American universities, students are involved in the annual assessment of the academic staff, are asked to give their opinion on the curricula, on the activity of the administrative staff and their ideas are taken into account in the decision-making process. Thus, the University promotes a close relationship with the students’ parents, through an open dialogue and their constant involvement in the life and activity of the University.

B. Students’ academic and extra-academic preoccupations

It would be difficult to accurately assess the preoccupations of the students who have ever studied at the Romanian-American University, or any of the 10000 students who are studying here at the present time. One thing is certain, namely that the efforts of the people who undertook the responsibility to manage the University were constantly directed at providing a diverse and high quality offer. Students’ preoccupations have been extremely varied from the very beginning: professional (learning and research) interests blended with concerns for domestic and international inter-university relations, but also with cultural, artistic and sports hobbies.

Currently, the University students come from all counties of Romania, but also from foreign countries (USA, Germany, the Republic of Moldova, China, Lebanon etc.), and there are also Romanian students from the USA and Israel.
Of the total number of students, 56% are women and 44% are men. Most of them are from Bucharest (over 60%) and from an area of 120 km around Bucharest, while 28% are from cities and town such as: Buzău, Bacău, Piatra Neamț, Râmnicu Vâlcea, Constanța, Ploiești, Focșani, Pitești, Tulcea, Galați, etc. 

The extra-professional activities consist of:

  • introduction to business activities;
  • thematic competitions;
  • clubs and associations (Students’ Club and the Club of Ecotourism, Rural Tourism ad Agritourism);
  • extracurricular activities;  Teodor Negoiță, researcher and polar explorer visiting the Club of Ecotourism, Rural Tourism and Agritourism ​​​​​​
  • University students in a rafting expedition


  • Anda Adam’s recital at Balul Bobocilor 2005-2006

  • Simplu and Cream at Balul Bobocilor 2006-2007

  • Simona Ivan and Mircea Dafinescu, MISS and MISTER ROMANIAN-AMERICAN UNIVERSITY 2006-2007

  • Ruxandra Barau, MISS ROMANIAN-AMERICAN UNIVERSITY 2008-2009 and Ramona Macsim, MISS POPULARITY

  • DJ Project at Balul Bobocilor 2008-2009

  • Rafting expedition – April 2009

C. Students – promoters of the University image

The students are active participants in the Program for the promotion of the University image through their own results, which prove the quality of the educational process at the Romanian-American University, as well as the active promotion of the image among pupils and interested social categories (employees, investors, NGOs etc.).
An active promotion of the university image is due to our former students, who are highly appreciated at their respective workplaces.
The University students are the best ambassadors of the institution where they study and of Romania in international contexts.
On various occasions, the Romanian-American University received messages and letters containing praise for students studying under scholarships at James Madison University. Here are a few examples: 
“I am particularly pleased by the wonderful young people representing your institution this year at James Madison University. They have outstanding results and are admirable ambassadors of your university and your country” (Ronald Carrier, President Emeritus of James Madison University)

“It was an honor for me to work with students from the Romanian-American University at James Madison University. I was impressed by their talent and capacity. I can only hope that future associations will continue the close collaboration between the Romanian-American University and James Madison University, so that we could pride ourselves with being a tool for the achievement of the future Romanian democracy”. (prof. dr. Bijan Saadatmand)

“As RAU students, you are part of a group of exceptional young people. You have the opportunity to take part in the reconstruction of the Romanian society, in innovations in various programs from economy, law, science and other important academic fields. The members of the group of RAU students have important positions in the student community of JMU, but also as assistants in the academic activity at William Nelson Institute”. (Ronald Carrier, President Emeritus of James Madison University)
The pride to be a student of an elite university comes from a process which starts on the first day of your student life and ends on your graduation day.

Your path will involve hard work, but also a lot of fun. We, graduates, and you, students, can appreciate the prestige of the University to which we all bring our contribution.” (welcoming message for freshmen at the opening ceremony of the new academic year)”