We believe that a healthy mind should be supported by a healthy body, thus we are waiting for you at the gym, for a healthy lifestyle. Keep fit at the RAU Fitness!


Placed inside the Romanian – American University, RAU Fitness is the place where you can feel good, leaving behind stress and everyday problems!


In a more than pleasant environment, we are waiting for you, to spend our time together! Here you can discover the perfect combination of movement, relaxation, socialization!

Our fitness center covers an area of approximately 350 square meters, with many facilities:

  • Fitness room equipped with the latest equipment;
  • Aerobic / Kangoo Jumps room
  • Infra sauna
  • Changing rooms equipped with showers and toilets;
  • Air conditioning
  • Hair dryers
  • Towels

Aerobics is dynamic, motivating, engaging and it trains your body to the maximum! Aerobics classes can help you change the routine of your training. They address all categories of people: young, adults, elderly, regardless of their level of training.

Aerobics is a form of training which combines aerobics exercises with stretching routines and muscle groups strengthening. Its purpose is to improve cardio-vascular activity, flexibility of the body and muscle power. Usually an aerobics session takes place on an entertaining musical background and under the guidance of an instructor.

Being one of the oldest forms of relaxation, sauna has not changed much along the time, neither as a way of use, nor as a construction. However, today sauna is still most commonly used for relaxation.

Do you want a perfect body? You have to try Kangoo Jumps! It is one of the coolest methods for toning the whole body, helping you to rapidly escape fat and cellulite.

By regularly using the Kangoo boots, caloric burns will be more significant, which in turn will improve muscle tone and control body weight.

It is a real fact already known by everybody, that Kangoo Jumps boots can induce an instantaneous state of euphoria. At the same time, Kangoo Jumps can stimulate the restoration of the osteoblast bone cell in the vertebrae and pelvic bone structures, as well as of the lower extremities, that support the body mass.


Romanian – American University 

1B Expoziției Avenue, sector 1, Bucharest, 012101

(B Building semi-basement)

Telephone (information and reservations): 0372.120.194

Email: [email protected]

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/RAU.Fitness

Dedicated website: http://fitness.rau.ro