The School of Computer Science for Business Management

The School of Computer Science for Business Management ensures its graduates have specialized knowledge, both theoretical and practical, in accordance with the current requirements of the field of “Economic Informatics.” The School’s professors are highly informed and well-connected to what happens in the world and, particularly, in this professional field, supporting students in developing their skills through a multitude of market-relevant courses, as well as through the quality of teaching.

According to analyses conducted by the School, over 92% of graduates are employed in the field they have been trained for, within a maximum of one year after graduation. This highlights the fact that the faculty succeeds in creating for its students and graduates the connection between theoretical knowledge and practical skills that specialists in the field of economic informatics must acquire.

Following the study programs of the School of Computer Science for Business Management, students:

  • benefit from counseling and guidance in various choices they make during their years at the School;
  • carry out part of their practical activities in specialized centers/laboratories within the university, under the guidance of specialists;
  • have access to practical activities either within prestigious IT companies based on collaboration contracts with the School, or within companies already collaborating with the School;
  • receive professional orientation in connection to the job market upon graduation, through meetings facilitated between employers and students;
  • participate in regular series of meetings with IT companies and human resources professionals throughout their studies;
  • have the opportunity to be employed by IT companies (software/hardware/consulting) even during their final years;
  • acquire general competencies such as: designing, implementing, and operating information systems/applications; conducting information system analyses at micro and macro-economic levels; designing and implementing websites; internet documentation, developing and operating e-business applications; teamwork skills; research methods and techniques in the field of economic informatics; collecting, processing, and synthesizing economic data and information.
Mihai Vlad-Andrei,
Mihai Vlad-Andrei,Student of the School of Computer Science for Business Management, 2nd year (2020-2021)
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The Romanian-American University is not just a university; it’s an opportunity. When I first chose the School of Computer Science for Business Management, I didn’t know what to expect. I can say that it has been one of my wisest choices for my personal development. At RAU the focus is on projects, practice, and the aspects that actually help you in your life and in your career. The teaching staff is up-to-date, they are aware of what is currently going on in the world and are able to guide you as far as your different choices throughout your studies are concerned. The most significant advantage I have had is concerned with the courses and workshops that the university has organized.
Gămălie Alexandra,
Gămălie Alexandra,Student of the School of Computer Science for Business Management, 1st year (2020-2021)
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[…] The Romanian-American University was my first choice and I am very happy that I managed to come to this university, not only for all the educational benefits, but also for this community. Although this year was online, we had the wonderful pleasure of learning new things from some involved and dedicated teachers who did their best to prepare us professionally. In addition, I am glad that I had the opportunity to meet my colleagues and make special friends for myself. Therefore, I would like to thank the university for the opportunities […].
Ciobotaru Adriana,
Ciobotaru Adriana, Graduate of the School of Computer Science for Business Management, class of 2018
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[…] The years spent at the university were special as I managed to develop, both professionally and personally. Firstly, with the help of all the practical projects and the scientific communication sessions, I developed my communication skills and, implicitly, I improved my project presentation. Secondly, I have noticed over time that I can achieve whatever I plan to do, if I overcome my fears, the only person who can stop me is myself. With effort and a lot of determination, we can achieve anything.
Mateiaș Cosmin Andrei,
Mateiaș Cosmin Andrei, Graduate of the School of Computer Science for Business Management, class of 2018
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I chose to study “Computer Science for Economics” at the Romanian-American University due to the relevance of the courses in the current business environment; having continuously updated courses and subjects ensured my easy transition from university to a stable job. The tutors and administrative staff are knowledgeable and friendly, always there to help with information, learning material and advice. The collaborative environment created by the tutors of the Romanian-American University for its students, made it the perfect place to develop both personal and professional skills while having a great time.
Stan Andrei-Marius,
Stan Andrei-Marius, Graduate of the School of Computer Science for Business Management, Class of 2020
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To me academic studies have been a new beginning. After having graduated high-school, I wasn’t really aware about the path I was supposed to choose. I listened to my friends’ advice and this i show I became a student at RAU. […] My School has helped me realize what I would like to do and what I would’t like to do. And I’m not only talking about the school itself, but about the entire studentship, including activities such as volunteering, internships, and workshops that I participated in. It was during the years I spent in college that I lerned to look forward, to test my limits, and leave all my fears and inhibitions behind […].
Berindei Corina Ioana,
Berindei Corina Ioana, Graduate of the School of Computer Science for Business Management, class of 2020
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[…] This school helped me to rediscover myself, to find out what I like doing and what I would like to do in the future. Within URA I discovered wonderful people, both teachers and students, I found out what it means to work with pleasure for a project and what it is like when there is communication between student and teacher. During my student years I was also part of CS-URA, which helped my personal development, I managed to learn to work in a team, I made beautiful projects and I was put in new situations that laid the foundations of today’s individual. […]
Savin Eugen Ioan,
Savin Eugen Ioan,Graduate of the School of Computer Science for Business Management, class of 2020
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[…] RAU – this acronym represents the sum of dreams and hopes that a high school graduate hopes to achieve here. Top 3 of what fascinated me in this University: 1. Courses with foreign lecturers - a generously open window to high quality different ways of thinking: 2. The Department of Asian Studies - a great collaboration in which I had the chance to meet Mr. Tomita Nobuaki and I presented with honour a kimono of over 700 years: 3. The quality of the computer science courses - because they valued the development of the creative capacity of each of us, and the vast majority of colleagues found in a very short time jobs in the major graduated. […]
Cândea Alexandru-Ionuţ,
Cândea Alexandru-Ionuţ, A graduate from the School of Computer Science for Business Management, Class of 2020
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[…] The 3 years of Bachelor study were a stage in my life that I definitely enjoyed and developed me professionally and personally. I and my fellow students had the opportunity to learn from dedicated professors who encouraged our activity and strengthened our self-confidence. We are often encouraged to do what we like, and I can confirm that I am enjoying the circumstances that have led me to this University. Thanks to the activities organized at RAU (courses taught by international professors, students’ conferences), and also the double specialization, I managed to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to get a job in IT.
Dumitriu Bogdan,
Dumitriu Bogdan, Graduate of the School of Computer Science for Business Management, class of 1999
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Even though as long as I was a student I may not have realized this, the school helped me determine the profession I wanted to pursue and provided me the practical skills, confidence and necessary support for a successful career in the dynamic field of computer science.
Dr. Nicolae Anamaria,
Dr. Nicolae Anamaria,Graduate of the School of Computer Science for Business Management, class of 1999
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The School I graduated did not help me in my career, but gave me a career. […] After years from the moment of graduation, now an academic myself, I was and I am impressed by the high level at which courses are taught, by their scientific value, and novelty. The dedication and professionalism of the teachers have left their mark upon students, including myself. The knowledge gained in the undergraduate years formed the solid foundation for postgraduate studies, have facilitated their success, and contributed to obtaining a university career. […]
Nuțu Daniel,
Nuțu Daniel, Graduate of the School Computer Science for Business Management, class of 2008
Programmer, Crys Computer, IBM Romania Contractor; Associate – PriceWaterhouseCoopers
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The Faculty has endowed me with skills of analysis and design of complex computer systems and helped me in getting a job in a multinational IT company [...]. Regarding my student years, I can say that these were some of the best years when I built new friendships with both students and university teachers. I would choose again the Romanian-American University, the Faculty of Computer Science for Business Management if I were to choose again.
Qureshi Farida,
Qureshi Farida,International master student from India at the School of Computer Science for Business Management, 2nd year (2019-2020)
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Choosing to study in Romania was an excellent decision. The international student officer guided me in sterling way through out my admission process. RAU has a very beautiful campus with great staff, and now I’m getting education by down to earth professionals. I hope to incorporate your teaching into my daily life and become a good person. Thanks!
Anchan Vinit,
Anchan Vinit,International master student from India at the School of Computer Science for Business Management, 2nd year (2019-2020)
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It has been an amazing experience at the Romanian-American University. The teachers are very patient and supportive in the learning process. I'm happy that the focus is more on practical work, which would eventually help in attaining a good job in the desired Industry.
Onuorah Chidera Cleopatra Chinenyenwa,
Onuorah Chidera Cleopatra Chinenyenwa,International student from Nigeria at the School of Computer Science for Business Management, 3rd year (2020-2021)
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RAU is a community with well-disposed professors, offers programs in English, different academic activities and a great international quality and environment. I have no regrets about choosing the Romanian-American University!
Chapagain Neupane Susma,
Chapagain Neupane Susma,International student from Nepal at the School of Computer Science for Business Management, 2nd year (2019-2020)
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My decision to choose the Romanian-American University was the best decision that I have done in my life! RAU is the full package of quality education, opportunity to have extracurricular courses with international professors, study exchange and work internship in different European and other countries. With all these, I can say that RAU is the door to heaven for every student!

Graduates of the School can work both in the software industry and within companies in any other field of activity, having competencies for at least the following categories of positions:

  • information systems analyst;
  • computer systems designer;
  • analyst-programmer;
  • programmer (JAVA, C#, ASP, PHP, HTML, CSS, JS, VBA, etc.);
  • client-server and internet/intranet application developer;
  • IT project manager;
  • web designer;
  • database administrator (ORACLE, SQL Server, MySQL, etc.);
  • computer network administrator;
  • website administrator;
  • decision support systems and expert systems developer;
  • consultant in the field of information technology.

Graduates can also work as economists, with the advantage of mastering a rich set of computer tools and possessing exceptional skills in computer usage.

Bachelor programs:

  • Informatică Economică – 3 years, full time studies
  • Computer Science for Economics – exclusively in English, 3 years, full time studies


Master programs:

  • Informatică Economică – 2 years, full time studies
  • Computer Science for Business – exclusively in English, 2 years, full time studies

Dean: Associate Professor Alexandru Tabușcă, PhD

Fields of professional expertise: high level programming languages (focus on Java), web applications development, database management, networking, artificial intelligence, 3D modeling and printing, data protection and security, integrated technologies.

Fields of management competence: digitalizing operational procedures, analyzing and improving the quality of the teaching process and study programs, ensuring the sustainability of academic study programs, strengthening and developing international relations and relations with the economic and social environment, coordinating and implementing technical and research/development projects within the private commercial and NGO environments at both national and international levels.

Contact: [email protected]

Vice-Dean: Lect.univ.dr. Eugen-Gabriel Garais
Areas of professional expertise: Database design and administration. Design, development, and implementation of dynamic web pages on dedicated servers
Areas of managerial competence: Consolidation and strategic development of partnerships with the socio-economic environment; Increasing the visibility and prestige of the faculty; The development of strategic partnerships with different institutions abroad; Adopting the necessary measures to improve teaching and scientific research activities.

Contact: [email protected]

Head of department: Associate Professor Cristina Coculescu, PhD

Contact: [email protected]

The Department of IT, Statistics and Mathematics within the School of Computer Science for Business Management coordinates the IT activity of all departments within the Romanian-American University, with the aim of developing and strengthening the department position in the internal and external institutional framework, as well as ensuring a work and collaboration environment based on trust, respect and dignity, that would stimulate performance in the teaching and research activity.

The staff carries out the scientific research activity in the fields of the disciplines contained in the curricula of the Bachelor and Master academic syllabi, in compliance with the expertise area and with the own scientific interests.

Likewise, the teaching staff focuses particularly on initiating undergraduates and Master students in the activity of scientific research, which is conducted within scientific circles organized on fields of Bachelor and Master Studies. The undergraduates and Master students’ research papers are presented at scientific events organized during Sessions of Student Scientific Circles.

Increasing the quality of the teaching staff is a constant concern of the department management, and assessment follows criteria, methodologies and instruments of regular evaluation of the staff, targeted at the teaching activity, the results of the scientific research and involvement with specific activities carried out within the department, school and university.  

Romanian-American University

Our aim is to offer Education and Research solutions at a high quality standard, in an intellectually stimulating internal climate for both students and faculty.

Modern Campus

Impressive by size, architecture, facilities and functionality, our Campus serves as a laboratory for modeling the professional values that characterizes RAU students.

Our Advantages

Scholarships and internships in Europe, North America and Asia

Students of the Romanian-American University can benefit from international experiences within the Erasmus + Program, as well ad based on the over 100 bilateral agreements of the Romanian-American University.

Student’s Club

CS-URA is a team of extraordinary people, the place where the next event in the university takes shape (for you to enjoy it), and the environment in which ideas get value.

Academic counseling and partnership with employers

The university has a significant number of partnerships with employers in each of its fields of studies, in order to provide its students both internships and numerous jobs.

Courses/year with international teachers
Countries where RAU students go for studies mobilities
Accommodation places in the campus’ dormitory
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