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The Law School was set up as part of the Romanian-American University in 1991, being accredited according to Law no.274/May 15, 2002.


The Law School, set up as part of the Romanian-American University in 1991, provides a 4-year Bachelor study program (both full and part time studies), which end in a law degree, preparing future specialists in legal professions (both theoreticians and practitioners), but also researchers of academic staff. At the same time, it also organizes the annual Master study program Criminal Sciences, one of the most highly appraised master study program in Romania.


Undergraduates are prepared within the Law School in order to: introduce in the curricula unique disciplines in the structure of the public legal education such as The history of American law, USA political and administrative institutions, American culture and civilization, Communication and public relations; promote English as a discipline of study and as an instrument to become aware of and debate on specialty disciplines during lectures and seminars; organize undergraduates’ internship within Legal Clinics by solving cases, drafting trial documents, trial simulations; constantly placing in sync the studies at the Law School with the practices of European and American law.


The Bachelor program comprises both traditional fundamental disciplines, and some related or novel ones, with certain elements of specificity, meant to ensure a comprehensive training to our undergraduates.  


Law School graduates may further become magistrates (judges, prosecutors), lawyers, notaries public, legal advisers, assisting personnel in court rooms, clerks in the central and local public administration, teaching and research staff in higher legal education and others.


Graduates of the Master in Criminal Sciences, who have benefited from a professional collaboration with prestigious academic staff, acquire in-depth knowledge in various classical (criminal law, procedural law, forensic methodology) and new areas (European criminal law, international criminal cooperation, criminal protection of the financial interests of the European Union in Romania, criminal protection of information systems and data, victimology, criminal behavior psychology, the psychology of crime prevention).

BACHELOR programs:

  • Law – Full time/Part time


MASTER programs:

  • Criminal sciences – Full time
Dean: Professor Constantin Duvac, PhD  
  • Fields of professional competence: specialized in the field of criminal sciences (criminal law, procedural law, European criminal law, forensics, criminology and forensics); lawyer at the Bar of Bucharest; PhD tutor in criminal law within the “Law” doctoral school of the Academy of Economic Studies of Bucharest; participant in 154 national/international conferences with 126 papers in the field of criminal sciences; coordinator, author and co-author of: 3 treaties, 7 lecture notes, 13 specialty works, 115legal practice papers/comments, 12 chronicles, 4 reviews; chairman of the Romanian Association of Criminal Sciences; chairman of the National Romanian group connected to the International Association of Criminal Law of Paris; editor in chief of the Revista de drept penal and Criminal Law Reviws; participant in 10 research grants; holder of the prizes ‘Ioan Tanoviceanu’ (2009) and ‘Vintila Dongoroz” (2010, 2016) awarded by the Lawyers’ Union of Romania.
  • Fields of management competence: he represents the school and is in charge with its management under the law; he designates the vice-dean after being appointed by the rector and sets his/her attributes under the law; he chairs the meetings of the School Council and enforces the decisions of the University Senate, Board of Administration and the Rector; he presents, on a yearly basis, in March at the latest, a report to the School Council on the condition thereof.
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  Vice-dean: Associate Professor Mihai Olariu, PhD  
  • Fields of professional competence: specialized in criminal procedural law and intellectual property law; lawyer at the Bar of Bucharest; arbiter within the World Intellectual property Organization (Geneva); former Head of Cabinet of the Minister of Justice.
  • Fields of management competence: he is in charge with the fields of activity of the school which are entrusted to him by the school Council at the dean’s proposal, coordinates specialty committees and ensures the day to day management in various fields according to the attributes granted to him by the Council; he initiates and organizes regular consulting meetings of the Advisory Board type; he ensures the dialogue with the representatives of the economic and social environment.
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 Head of Department: Lecturer Robert Mihai Popescu, PhD


  • Fields of professional competence: specialized in philosophy, rhetoric, legal psychology, psychotherapy; technically in charge with the POSDRU grant “Practica competitiva pentru viitor in domeniul stiintelor juridice”, 2014-2015; graduate of the “Project Management” course (2011); head of department between 2013 and 2016; member of the University Senate in the period 2012-2020; member in the Law School Council in the period 2012-2020.
  • Fields of management competence: he is liable for the management and operational administration of the Department; he coordinates the teaching and the research activity within the Department; he is in charge with the curriculum, job title lists, quality and financial management of the Department.
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