School of Management-Marketing

The School of Management-Marketing was set up within the Romanian-American University in 1991. The idea of setting up a school with this profile belonged to Professor Ion Smedescu, PhD., founder of the Romanian-American University.

The School of Management-Marketing was set up within the Romanian-American University in 1991. The school profile comprises two economic specialties: management and marketing; it reflects the needs of the business environment and offers the school graduates a competitive edge in respect of their access to the labor market due to the wide array of theoretical acumen, practical skills and abilities which set them apart from the other institutions of higher economic education.

The School of Management-Marketing updates its educational offer as a result of its ongoing collaboration with the business environment which ensures both the exchange and sharing of knowledge, and the permanent contact with real life problems and solutions. Education and training in the above-mentioned fields follow student-oriented programs, as the School has become known especially for launching graduates with a highly developed entrepreneurial spirit on the labor market.

The School of Management-Marketing opts for a dynamic and participative training system, providing a modern, competitive and open education, particularly in the context of a constantly changing global environment, combining the pragmatism of the American model with the tradition of Romanian education.

The School of Management-Marketing aims to train specialists with skills in management and marketing, with vast theoretical and practical knowledge, capable of fast and efficient integration in corporations at various hierarchical levels. The focus has been on interdisciplinary and the development of skills and competences, in compliance with the current economic and social transformations, the aim being a good professional insertion.

Dragomir Andres,
Dragomir Andres, Student of the School of Management-Marketing, 3rd year (2020-2021)
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For me, the Romanian-American University is the place where I managed to develop the most and make friends for life. The opportunities I found here helped me to be the person I am today - Student Clubs, Internal and International Professors, the team, but also programs such as Work & Travel or Erasmus +. If at the beginning of the first year of college I thought that the Romanian-American University was that academic environment that suited me, now I can say that I know for sure that it is so. If all educational institutions in the country were open and student-oriented as this university is, Romania would be a much better place from an educational point of view and not only.
Oprescu Bianca-Ioana,
Oprescu Bianca-Ioana,Master student at the School of Management-Marketing, 2nd year (2020-2021)
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For me, RAU has been a pioneer through the opportunities it offers to any student. My involvement as a volunteer in the Center for Romanian-Japanese Studies “Angela Hondru” and the seriousness with which I treated each course and seminar brought me the minimum experience that any employer is looking for. […] The internship programs in the country and abroad, the Erasmus + scholarships in America, Asia or Europe, the activities organized by the Student Club, the theater club or the Japanese, Chinese and Korean courses are just some of the activities you can try during your studies.
Carp Elena,
Carp Elena,Student of the School of Management-Marketing, 1st year (2020-2021)
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So far, my experience with the Romanian-American University has been a special one as I have had the pleasure to be in contact with involved, patient and understanding teachers, who are dedicated to their career, people from whom I have a lot to learn. This has eased the adaptation to the transition from high school to university for my colleagues and me.
Muntean Loredana Cristiana,
Muntean Loredana Cristiana,Student of the School of Management-Marketing, 1st year (2020-2021)
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From the first days of Faculty, I felt, even online, the tradition and vision of RAU in any activity. I chose RAU because I wanted to develop and improve, hoping to carry on the name of the University.
Preda Ana,
Preda Ana, Graduate of the School of Management-Marketing, class of 2018
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The faculty meant for me a period of research and discovery of my passions, my strengths and weaknesses and the accumulation of experiences. These moments stay with us and become experiences that will take us further in life. […]
Iorga Ruxandra,
Iorga Ruxandra, Graduate of the School of Management-Marketing and of the School of Law, class of 2019
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[…] I have a multidisciplinary education, I studied Law and Management in parallel, thus obtaining two bachelor's degrees. I am very grateful, and this would not have been possible without the support of my teachers and colleagues. RAU always offered me new opportunities, so I participated in many extracurricular activities and this gave me the opportunity to meet and work with very dear people, and those with whom I interacted had a significant impact on my evolution. RAU is more than a higher education institution, it is a University that manages to go beyond the conventional patterns.
Naghi Mihai-Iulian,
Naghi Mihai-Iulian, Graduate of the School of Management-Marketing, class of 2010
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It is said that “the first seven years of life when one is raised at home” prepare you for the first stage of life: the stage of learning and knowledge. In a similar way, I felt the study years at RAU as a preparatory period for the next stage of life: the stage of development and exploration. I can say with all my heart that the five years spent at RAU were the most intense years of my life so far. Of course, my membership in the Students Club weighs heavily on my assertion. I lived moments that not many have the opportunity to live alongside colleagues and professors and I am grateful for the experiences, emotions, joys and feelings that I carry and keep as memories in my mind and soul. RAU helped me to overcome my limitations, to get out of the comfort zone on countless occasions, to surpass myself and to be a kinder person with those around me. […]
Ing. LLM. Godeanu (Șerban) Mirela,
Ing. LLM. Godeanu (Șerban) Mirela, Master graduate of the School of Management-Marketing, class of 2011
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[…] I had the honor and joy of being a student between 2009 and 2011. In this period I attended the courses of the “Management and Marketing of the Organization” Master’s Degree Program, organized under the auspices of the School of Management-Marketing. For me, this program meant a great change, a new vision to approach a situation because I was a Physics Engineer hence I had already graduated from The Faculty of Physics, at The University of Bucharest. When I enrolled in this study program, I was the Head of Metrology within the LAROMET Group, and the need to complete a master’s degree program in “Management and Marketing of the Organization” arose from my desire to acquire new knowledge to enhance my career prospects. […]
Shyroka Natalya,
Shyroka Natalya,Graduate of the School of Management-Marketing, class of 2017
International master student from Ukraine
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The education I’ve received and the whole experience of the international environment at the Romanian-American University prepared me for the career I have now.
Iacob (Mîțu) Adriana,
Iacob (Mîțu) Adriana, Graduate of the School of Law and of the School of Marketing-Management, class of 1996
General Director - Ministry of Justice, the National Trade Register
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From my point of view, the Romanian-American University fit me like a glove. The freedom and openness that both teachers and the management of the University showed mattered immensely to us. […] The success of the Romanian-American University is the sum of the successes of all its graduates. This anniversary gives me the pleasant opportunity to express my gratitude to all my distinguished and wonderful teachers, who, along with the students, transmit and continue to transmit from generation to generation, the noble spirit and dedication that define this institution of science and conscience.

In any organization, graduates of the School of Management-Marketing may hold the following positions:

  • sales manager
  • human resources manager
  • head of human resources evaluation
  • product manager
  • trade and marketing expert
  • advertising copywriter (with academic degree)
  • marketing research assistant
  • management advisor/expert/inspector/assistant/economist
  • management economist research assistant
  • project manager etc.

Bachelor studies

Form of study

Credit no.







Master studies

Form of study

Credit no.

Strategic Company Management



Organizational Management and Marketing



Business Marketing



Strategic Marketing (in English)



Dean: Associate Professor Alexandru Ionescu, PhD


  • Fields of professional competence: International economic relations; International economy; Transports and domestic and international insurance; International logistic management
  • Fields of management competence: improving academic structures; analyzing and improving the quality of the teaching process and study programs; ensuring the sustainability of academic study programs; strengthening and developing international relations/relations with the economic and social environment.
  • Contact: [email protected]


Vice-dean: Associate Professor Oana Preda, PhD


  • Fields of professional competence: International marketing; Introduction to marketing; Marketing policies and strategies; Marketing management; Financial-Banking Management.
  • Fields of management competence: strengthening and developing partnerships with the socio-economic environment; increasing the visibility and prestige of the school; developing strategic partnerships with various foreign institutions; implementing measures necessary to enhance the teaching and scientific research activity.
  • Contact: [email protected]

Head of department: Associate Professor Andreea Budacia, PhD


  • Fields of professional competence: Commercial management; Quality management; The management of supplies and sale; Promotional techniques.
  • Fields of management competence: team spirit, communication, organizational competence; chair person and member in various committees, member in editorial committees of scientific publications, coordinator of research teams.
  • Contact: [email protected]


The economic and social environment is constantly subject to changes triggered by the current realities which involve ongoing adjustments of employers, the human resource, managers, leaders and marketers. In this context, knowledge and innovation are essential elements of success and performance in business. Awareness of priority fields – management and marketing respectively – provides a significant competitive advantage which is essential in reaching excellence.

Through the disciplines it coordinates, the Department of Management-Marketing contributes to the improvement of the acumen and competences of Bachelor and Master graduates in order to reflect the challenges of the business environment in the current context of fierce competition, uncertainty and consumer expectations.

Main objectives:

  • to develop and enhance the teaching and research activity in the two fields of activity;
  • to tailor the structure of the curricula and the discipline sheets to the requirements of direct and indirect beneficiaries for the disciplines organized by the department;
  • to create the appropriate organizational climate meant to encourage the teaching and research potential of the department members;
  • to ensure the quality of teaching and research processes;
  •  to identify, support and promote modern teaching-learning methods, instruments and techniques adjusted to the current economic and social realities.


The department activities are carried out by a competent staff, consisting of professionals of domestic and international acclaim, as well as collaborators and partners from the business environment.

Fields of expertise:

  • Management: Strategic management, Human resources management, The management of supplies and sale, The management of change and innovation, Production management, Ecotechnologies, Entrepreneurial management, Organizational behavior, Comparative management, Commercial management, Managerial methods and techniques, Tourist resources and destinations, Project management.
  • Marketing: Marketing policies and strategies, Service marketing, Online marketing, Financial-banking marketing, Consumer behavior, Integrated marketing communication, International marketing, Market research, Communication and PR, Promotional techniques, Strategic marketing, Marketing planning, Marketing and commodity, Event marketing, Selling techniques.

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