School of Physical Education, Sport and Kinesiotherapy

The School of Physical Education, Sport and Kinesiotherapy became part of the Romanian-American University in the academic year 2017-2018, with two Bachelor fields in its structure.

The School of Physical Education, Sport and Kinesiotherapy became part of the Romanian-American University in the academic year 2017-2018, with two 3-year long Bachelor programs as follows:

  • the “Physical education and sport” Bachelor program, major “Physical and sport education”
  • the “Kinesiotherapy” Bachelor program, major “Kinesiotherapy and special motricity”
Paterău Elena,
Paterău Elena,Student of the School of Physical Education, Sport and Kinesiotherapy, 1st year (2020-2021)
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The first thing that comes to mind when I think about the school that I study at are the teachers. […] Interactivity and the argumentative style take precedence in this university. My advice is to try to realize whether you are made for an academic career or for a practical experience. If you are meant for either one, then the Romanian-American University is a good place to do it. In any case, whatever you choose to do, do not limit yourselves to attending courses and taking exams. Explore the multiple opportunities provided by the Romanian-American University and try to make the most of your time. One day it will pay off!
Rusu Maria Magdalena,
Rusu Maria Magdalena, Student of the School of Physical Education, Sport and Kinesiotherapy, 3rd year (2020-2021)
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2021 is a very special year for me, it is the year in which my dream of participating in the Olympics comes true. At the same time, it is also the year that three decades have been celebrated since the Romanian-American University was founded, the place where I feel at home, protected and guided to choose the best path to success. […]

We wish our undergraduates to:

  • acquire specialty skills in the fields of physical education and kinesiotherapy
  • cooperate with the sports environment, with the services and private sector, research institutions, school centers or healthcare units, which would facilitate their transition to the labor market;
  • establish international relations and diversify the educational offer.

BACHELOR programs:


Physical and sport education (EFS)

The skills of a graduates of the Bachelor program “Physical and sport education” are reflected by his/her awareness of specialty theoretical and practical components and his/her ability to apply them in all education levels, as well as in performance and high performance sports.

The EFS graduate may develop a career as a specialty teaching staff in pre-academic education, as well as coach for sports clubs or sports associations.


Kinesiotherapy and Special Motricity (KMS)

Graduates of the “Kinesiotherapy and Special Motricity” program acquire the skills necessary to implement programs for the evaluation of the health condition, therapeutic prophylaxis programs, recovery and physical and functional rehabilitation.

They could work as kineto-therapists in hospitals, clinics, treatment centers and fitness centers.

Dean: Associate Professor Marius Dumitru Dima, PhD

  • Fields of professional competence:
    • Scientific fundamentals of sports games – Football; Pedagogy of teaching football in school; Fitness; Methods and techniques of muscle toning
    • Sports coaching, demands in contemporary training in general and in football players’ training in particular; methodology and technique of basic training in football. Physical preparer for the following football teams: Universitatea Craiova, Steaua București, the National Team of Romania.
  • Fields of management competence:
    • to be in charge with the management and operative organization of the School
    • to carry out diagnoses, prognoses and to design the School activity
    • to manage the activity of sports teams as sports coach (UEFA Coach permit – A, National Football Coaching School, License of coach – physical prepare, National School of Football Coaches)
  • Contact: [email protected]

Vice-dean: Associate Professor Olivia Carmen Timnea, PhD

Primary care physician in sport medicine

Primary care physician in family medicine

  • Fields of professional competence:
    • Anatomy and biomechanics; Functional anatomy; Physiology; Education for health and first aid; Semiology
    • Competence in labor medicine: coordinating doctor on labor medicine within the “Cantacuzino” National Institute of Medical-Military Research and Development
  • Fields of management competence:
    • Coordinating doctor of the Concordia Chiajna Club
    • General Manager of S.C. CHIAJNA – Specialty Ambulatory
    • Coordinating doctor of the Romanian Federation of Field Hockey
    • Coordinating doctor of the Feminine Romanian Football Federation
    • Vice-president of the FRF Antidoping Committee
    • Member in the FRF Medical Committee
    • Vice-president of the Ilfov College of Doctors
  • Contact: [email protected]

Head of department: Associate Professor Elena Amelia Stan, PhD

  • Fields of professional competence:
    • Swimming and hydrokinesiotherapy, Theory and practice of water sports, Scientific fundamentals of sports games – basketball.
    • Swimming trainer, Chairperson of the Acvatica Sport Sports Club (Qualification of Swimming Coach and Qualification of Gymnastics Coach)
  • Fields of management competence:
    • to be in charge with the management and operative organization of the School Department
    • to be liable for the curricula, job title lists, research and quality management and the financial management of the Department
    • to present to the Department members a regular report on the condition thereof
  • Contact: [email protected]


The Department of Physical Education and Sport – Kinesiotherapy is an organizational and functional structure that aims to provide an interdisciplinary educational offer, with multiple interests in the fields of research and development, but also with the promotion of an education system in sync with the demands on the domestic and international labor market.

The teaching staff of this department wishes to create that competitive and dynamic environment that would encourage undergraduates to participate in specific activities in order to learn something new, with wide applicability in the active spending of their free time both during their studies and after their completion.