The Erasmus+ Studies Programme creates opportunities for students to take part in study exchanges at partner universities, for one semester or one academic year, in their respective field of studies.

Studying abroad is a central part of Erasmus+ and has been shown to have a positive effect on later job prospects. It is also an opportunity to improve language skills, gain self-confidence and independence and immerse yourself in a new culture.

All mobilities are organised in compliance with the Regulation for Student Mobilities (RO/EN)

The ERASMUS+ Program offers:
  • opportunity to study in partner universities without paying the tuition fee of the host institution;
  • financial support;
  • cultural, linguistic and pedagogic support for a successful participation to the program;
  • logistics support for mobilities;
  • tutoring during the study period;
  • full equivalence of studies by means of personalized Diploma Supplement.
Why become an Erasmus+ student?
  • Study in different universities in Europe and beyond!
  • Try cultural and linguistic diversity!
  • Find out new wonderful places!
  • Make new friends from all over the world!
  • Create unique memories!
  • Prepare for a global society!


(UPDATED!) Applications for the 2022-2023 academic year

21.02.2022-15.03.2022Online Candidates` Registration
09.03.2022Online Info Session (Microsoft Teams)
17.03.2022Online test in English *
18.03.2022Online Interview in English
21.03.2022Results Notification via email

*  only for candidates who DO NOT have a Certificate of English proficiency


– APPLY NOW! Online Application Form
– ID / Passport photo copy
– Europass CV – in English, with picture  (CV guide)
– Letter of intent – in English (model)
– Certificate of English proficiency – photo copy
– Statutory declaration – RO / EN

* documents should be uploaded in the Application form

[ and the following document, after you have been selected ]
– Learning Agreement for Studies – in English (Draft)
– Guide for using the Learning Agreement for Studies
– Declaration of assumption of COVID-19 risks RO / EN

[ documents needed after the mobility is completed ]
– Declaration of avoiding Double Financing – RO / EN

* filled in and send via email at [email protected]

[ please read the Erasmus Student Guide – RO/EN ]

  1. Academic results
  2. English language proficiency (at least B1)
  3. Interview:
      – participation at extracurricular activities
      – seriousness, credibility and motivation
        – team spirit
        – knowledge of Erasmus+ Program
  • ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA – Bachelor students in 1st, 2nd, 3th, 4th (LAW) years and Master students 1st year, studying at a full attendance study program

  • Overall grade above 7.50


There is also a widening participation top-up available to support students with fewer opportunities, who can receive an extra amount of money per month depending on their specific needs.




* Please check the following document for the European Partner Universities’ fields of studies (choosing the courses) and Erasmus codes (necessary in the Learning Agreement) – Download

Application Open: – with Grant for China, Jordan and Georgia and ZERO Grant for Japan and South Korea


(UPDATED!) Applications for the 2022-2023 academic year

Country University Program
Japan Ritsumeikan University BA
Japan Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University BA
Japan Meiji Gakuin University BA
Japan University of Fukui CS + BA
Japan Nagaoka University of Technology CS
South Korea Konkuk University CS + BA
South Korea Dankook University BA
South Korea Sungshin University BA
South Korea Chonnam National University BA
South Korea Catholic University of Korea BA
China China University of Political Science and Law BA + Law
China Dalian University of Technology CS + BA
Jordan Jordan University of Science and Technology CS
Jordan Middle East University CS + BA
CS = Computer Science | BA = Business Administration

Application Open with ZERO Grant

University of Michigan Flint –      BA + CS

University of Alabama in Huntsville BA+ CS